Oral Surgery

oral surgery in North Las Vegas, Providence NV, and Centennial Hills NV

When you require oral surgery, our dental team will rise to the occasion. We won’t send you away to a new office with an unfamiliar specialist. We have the expertise and technology necessary for dental surgery right here at Providence Dental!

Oral Surgery

Dental surgery is the best treatment for:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Treating serious conditions affecting the teeth, palate, lips, jaw, or face
  • Reversing issues associated with sleep apnea or infections
  • Restructuring the teeth, jaw, or face after accident or injury

Oral surgery is a frightening idea for some patients, but we can do what it takes to ensure precision and gentleness during your procedure. Our team is dedicated to creating a worthwhile oral surgery experience for YOU.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Patients see our oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal because they want to avoid infection and overcrowding. Wisdom teeth may erupt in a crooked or twisted fashion. Some wisdom teeth don’t erupt at all, and instead become impacted and painful.

Our experienced oral surgeon Dr. Kim can quickly extract your wisdom tooth with accuracy. This minor oral surgery requires minimal discomfort and recovery time.

Gum Grafting

oral surgery in North Las Vegas, Providence NV, and Centennial Hills NVHas periodontal disease destroyed the aesthetic of your smile? Gum disease often leads to gum recession, which can wreak havoc on your appearance and health.

Gum grafting is a dental surgery that can restore your stunning smile. In a gum graft, oral surgeon Dr. Kim will stitch new pink, healthy gum tissue to the affected area.

Bone Grafts

Sometimes, the jawbone can deteriorate, usually due to one or more missing teeth. Low jawbone volume can cause the jawbone to collapse and prematurely age your appearance. Jawbone deterioration can also make it impossible for your oral surgeon to place dental implants.

Dr. Kim performs many oral surgeries, including bone grafting. In this simple dental surgery, your oral surgeon will replenish your jawbone and encourage the regrowth of your healthy jaw.

Dental surgery is the best solution for countless difficult dental issues.

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