Recovery after Wisdom Teeth are Pulled

wisdom teeth removal recovery and dry socket North Las Vegas Providence NV tooth extraction healing Centennial Hills NVWisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

Tooth extraction healing can be a relaxing and smooth process. Our oral surgeon Dr. Kim will be available to you throughout every step of your tooth wisdom teeth removal recovery.

Immediately after Surgery | Within the first hour of your surgery, you should bite down onto the gauze packs that Dr. Kim provides. Keep them in place for one hour before gently removing them.

Day of the Surgery | On the first day of your wisdom teeth removal recovery, take care not to disturb the surgical area. Do not rinse vigorously, smoke, or eat hard foods. Keep the mouth clean by brushing your teeth gently.

2-3 Days after Surgery | 24 hours after your surgery, you can begin saltwater rinses as instructed by Dr. Kim. Most patients stick to soft foods or liquids for the first two days, but can begin a more substantial diet on day 3. You may notice sore throat or stiff muscles while you gradually heal.

Managing Swelling or Pain | Most patients have minor discomfort during the tooth extraction healing process. Dr. Kim can prescribe you a pain medication, which you should begin to take shortly after the surgery. Aspirin or ibuprofen can also reduce pain during your tooth extraction healing process.

Swelling is a normal part of wisdom teeth removal recovery. You can minimize swelling by pressing a cold pack to the cheek adjacent to the surgical areas. The best time to effectively keep swelling down is within the first 24 hours of surgery.

If you experience excessive bleeding or unbearable pain at any point during your tooth extraction healing, come see Dr. Kim right away.

Dry Socket Wisdom Teeth | It is rare, but some patients experience dry socket wisdom teeth. If you notice throbbing pain, bad breath, and a fowl taste in the mouth, come see Dr. Kim for further treatment. Our oral surgeon has plenty of experience treating dry socket wisdom teeth and can quickly restore your health.

Our dental experts will ensure that your wisdom teeth removal recovery is as pleasant as possible.

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