Why do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

impacted wisdom teeth in North Las Vegas, Providence NV, and Centennial Hills NVImpacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are one infection away from producing severe pain and serious problems. Patients and doctors find that, in many cases, the costs of keeping wisdom teeth outweigh the benefits.

The majority of patients do not have sufficient space in their mouths for proper wisdom tooth eruption. This lack of space causes painful impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is a simple process that offers a lifetime of protection against wisdom tooth pain!

When you remove your wisdom teeth, you can avoid all of the problems listed below.

Infected Wisdom Tooth

The most frequent problem that arises with impacted wisdom teeth is gum infection. When there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth, the gum tissue becomes irritated and infected. An infected wisdom tooth is accompanied by wisdom tooth pain, swelling, and difficulty chewing and swallowing.


Even if you avoid an infected wisdom tooth, there are many non-infectious problems associated with these third molars. An impacted wisdom tooth can result in cysts, which are fluid-filled bumps that grow inside of the jawbone or teeth. Cysts are almost impossible to treat when the wisdom teeth have not been removed.

Crowding and Shifting

wisdom tooth pain in North Las Vegas, Providence NV, and Centennial Hills NVAn impacted wisdom tooth crowds the mouth, causing teeth to shift closer together. This crowding and shifting process leads to crooked teeth and wisdom tooth pain. Don’t let an impacted wisdom tooth be the end of your beautiful smile!

Poor Hygiene

Wisdom teeth create a great place for bacteria to hide because they are difficult to clean and care for. It’s hard to reach third molars with the floss or the toothbrush, and that elevates the risk for decay and disease.

Save yourself and your loved ones from the challenges of an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth extraction is an easy procedure that requires an hour or less of your time!

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